The best place to start is at the beginning, or so we were taught in childhood. Life has a clear beginning and a clear end. A life story, if truly begun at the beginning, would mean taking the David Copperfield approach to telling a life’s story. Most stories though, begin somewhere in the middle, and sometimes more than halfway through. Because a great story is typically begun at its most interesting beginning, the point where you as a reader would be most inclined to care.

Knowing these things makes it difficult to write about one’s own life in any capacity because you have no clue whether the choices you made yesterday that seemed rather mundane will somehow shape your future in significant ways. Perhaps that is why so many personal blogs become tedious and hard to follow; you are essentially reading someone’s diary and what they may think has value and importance to their story today may, in fact, be forgettable trivia. Or perhaps it is merely a question of attention span.

Regardless of previous work, good and bad, this marks the beginning of a new challenge: A challenge to be a better writer, artist, and person , and to actually document the process. I have no idea where this will lead, but all great adventures start with a choice to make some level of change. This is mine. Being alive is a given, but truly living life – experiencing everything with an open heart and mind, taking chances, believing in something – that is a matter of choice. I have spent many years simply being alive; taking everything a day at a time and barely surviving. I choose more than that for myself now. I am done just being alive; I choose to live.